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Restaurant Review: Wild Park Slope

Bruschetta with vegan cheese

Wild Park Slope

148 5th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11217

Rating: G-

Wild Park Slope is a dedicated gluten free Italian restaurant that predominantly serves pizza and pasta dishes. They also offer dairy free and vegan options! For those who can have dairy, all of the cheeses are hormone-free, and all the flours and tomato sauces used are organic. As the name implies, they are located in Brooklyn in Park Slope, but there is a second location in the West Village. (Note: I have not had the same quality of experience at the West Village location, and I only recommend the Park Slope location.)

Gluten Free/Vegan Chocolate Cannoli

I discovered this restaurant in 2016, and I have dined here many times since. Unfortunately, I dined there recently, and they changed their recipe for the pizza crust, so it is no longer gluten free and vegan (it now has eggs). This is the main reason I lowered my rating compared to my other reviews because now half of the menu is off-limits for anyone avoiding eggs/vegan. They do still have pasta which is vegan, so I was able to enjoy a meal, but I was pretty disappointed because their pizza was super delicious (even my non-GF mother and SO have loved their meals when I bought them).

Pear Gorgonzola Pizza (made vegan)

To shift to the positives, I have loved all the food I have ordered here over the years. Whether it was pizza, pasta, appetizers, or desserts, the food here is fantastic. While it can be a bit expensive, the portions are large, so you can definitely split a meal or save the leftovers for lunch the next day! I recommend trying the dessert pizza if you are up for something different; it is quite delicious.

Showing off the crust from the pizza making class

One of the other cool things about this restaurant is that they offer pizza making classes. I had the privilege of taking one, and you get to make whatever pizza you want from scratch using their special recipe (-and they let you take notes so you can recreate the magic at home!) As someone gluten-free, this is a huge deal because obviously regular pizza classes are out of the question. (Note: I do not know if the recent recipe change to the pizza dough makes this class unsuitable for those with egg allergies/vegans.)

Overall, this is a great restaurant if you are gluten free. If you have more allergies, I'd call ahead to confirm any changes in the menu. Buon Appetito!

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