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Restaurant Review: Barcelona Wine Bar

Barcelona Wine Bar

Reston Town Center

Rating: G

Barcelona is a Spanish tapas restaurant located in Reston Town Center. While it is not specifically allergen free, they do a fantastic job catering to individual allergies. Every time I have dined there, the chef has notated the menu specific to my allergy needs so that there is no guess work for me or my waiter. They even understand nuances like cross contamination on dishes like the patatas bravas! It is a pricier restaurant, so I'd recommend it for a special occasion.

If you are not familiar with tapas, they are small plates. Therefore, the best way to enjoy them is to order a bunch of them to share! If you want to just keep things simple, you can order a larger item like the paella.

Here are some of the dishes I've ordered and enjoyed!

Vegetable Paella

This paella is great if you are looking for a larger dish to split or want to keep things simple for yourself. In fact, you can order a half portion for yourself to save money on the bill (or don't like leftovers). I found the vegetable paella to be a little plain compared to others I've had from similar restaurants, but it is still a good option that requires little to no adjustments for a gluten/dairy/egg free meal which I always like.

Patatas Bravas (pan fried instead of deep fried)

Patatas Bravas are a very traditional dish that I highly recommend to everyone trying tapas for the first time. They are fried potatoes with some salsa and mayo (if you can have eggs) that are DELICIOUS. Even having them pan fried and without the mayo, though, this dish is fantastic, especially fresh and hot!

Grilled Hangar Steak

This is by far the best dish I have had. The steak comes with a truffle vinaigrette that is heavenly and the steak itself is so tender. This one I was unwilling to share because I didn't want to give up a single bite...

Eggplant Caponata

This is the most interesting dish I have tried at Barcelona because it is unexpectedly good. The eggplant is actually spicy and has a very surprising zing to it! It comes with peppers, tomatoes, and other spices. Definitely a great dish to open up the meal with!

Overall, Barcelona Wine Bar is a great option if you are looking to try a bunch of dishes despite having allergies! They are also able to accommodate vegetarian and other specialty diet. Just ask!

If you have enjoyed a meal at Barcelona Wine Bar, feel free to share your review in the comments!

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