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Restaurant Review: SeoulSpice


Various DC Locations

Rating: G+

SeoulSpice is a Korean Comfort Food restaurant that is 100% gluten free. You read that right. This is one of my favorite restaurants I've discovered since moving to the DC area because it targets a niche that is particularly rare - gluten free East Asian food. The easiest way to describe the feel of this restaurant is that it is Korean Chipotle. You order each menu item, have complete control over what goes in your bowl/sushi burrito/noodle bowl/salad and it has a similar fast-casual approach. As I mentioned before, it is a dedicated gluten free restaurant, and the staff are knowledgeable regarding other allergies (in my case, dairy and eggs). On top of that, the food is made with good ingredients without GMO's, MSG, hormones, or additives. As a local DC spot, they source many ingredients from local farms, too.

I'll be honest, this is one of those places that the first meal I ever ate was so good, I've been hesitant to adventure beyond it. What if the other items aren't as delicious? I know, I'm telling you this is an amazing restaurant and I've only had one dish? Don't worry; I've brought friends here too and they attest that other menu items are just as delicious as I swear mine is. So here is my order that you are welcome to copycat:

Bibimbap (Rice Bowl) of Purple Rice

Jeyuk Gui (Spicy Pork)

Oi (Cucumber)

Dang Guen (Carrots)

Mu (Korean Radish)

Sukju (Bean Sprouts)

Kale-Namul (Kale Slaw)

Kimchi (Kimchi)

Korean Hot Sauce

Ginger-Carrot Sauce

Roasted Sesame Seeds


None of these ingredients have an extra cost (I'm looking at you avocado) making it very budget friendly while extremely filling. If you are feeling hungry, you might be able to finish this bowl. Otherwise, don't be surprised if it brings you multiple meals! Sometimes I will order a soda with my meal simply to help cut the spicy from the Korean hot sauce (it is not for the faint of tongue) because they source a non-GMO soda option. Usually, though, I skip the extra calories.

Overall, this restaurant is a fantastic option to switch up your meals while staying allergy safe! They are currently also starting up a new dine-in KBBQ option that I have not been able to try yet, but it looks delicious. Right now because of the pandemic and dining restrictions, they even have a take home KBBQ option that comes with a KBBQ grill you get to keep! Every time I find myself in DC, I have to make a stop to eat here because it is so yummy and stress free being a dedicated gluten free restaurant. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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