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An Allergy Friendly Gift Guide!

This has been a crazy year. Maybe you want to celebrate it (almost) being over by showering everyone you know with gifts, but you don't know where to start. If you are like me, you are looking for small businesses to support. Perhaps you have a friend or family member with food allergies, and you are not sure what you can buy them. No matter what, my gift guide has you covered! All of the gifts below are gluten free and vegan! So let's start shopping!

For the foodie in your life:

Otamot is a fantastic brand that has veggie packed tomato sauces. They taste great and are an easy way to sneak more veggies into your (or your kids) diet without giving it away through the taste. Plus, all of their products are gluten free and vegan. They have variety packs so you can try all the sauces (including their newly debuted Vokda sauce) and Black Friday deal of 25% off plus free shipping if you use the code BF25!

Watch my full video review of their brand here

Zubi's is a brand I discovered through a blogger sampler box, and I am so thankful I did. They have queso, crema, and salsa that are all AMAZING yet still somehow vegan and gluten free. Their items make their way into my shopping cart whenever I notice I am running low, and I love making loaded nachos with all the contrasting flavors. I recommend a sample pack because then you can try all of their items without breaking the bank. Right now, they have their sample pack on sale for $16.50, so hurry before it runs out!

Watch my video review of their sample pack here

For the person with a huge sweet tooth:

I first met Raaka chocolate when I started my channel almost four years ago. I think my sister was more grateful than me because she couldn't stop buying their chocolates once she tasted them. I love their chocolates for a few reasons. One, they are transparent about how the chocolate you are eating made it into your hands. They show you how much they paid farmers for it and even explain why they don't chase certifications like fair trade. Second, they have interesting, unique flavors that are ALL still gluten free and vegan such as waffle cone. Not many brands will try to produce unique flavors and still be allergen/dietary restriction friendly, so I really appreciate this about them. Right now they are offering free shipping on orders over $25 which will sneak up on you quickly once you start adding all the delicious flavors they have to your cart!

Watch my review of Raaka's basic flavors here

My first time trying Better Bites, my dad noticed the package at Whole Foods and realized I could safely try the "Hostess" recreation. He was so excited for me, he ignored whatever the price tag said and bought it for me. Once I tasted it (and shared a small bite with him), I was hooked. Since then, I've met the brand owners at conferences, and they are fantastic. They have tons of products now that stretch beyond the original copycat products, and I have yet to try something of theirs I didn't like. All of their products are top 8 allergen friendly making them extremely accessible to many dietary restrictions. For the holidays, they are currently offering free shipping on all orders!

Watch my review of their cake bites here

To support BIPOC businesses:

Following the protests this summer, I challenged myself to focus on BIPOC owned businesses for the entire month of June. I was overwhelmed with support from the community, and I found some amazing brands that were delicious, allergen friendly, and I likely would have never met otherwise. One of the most supportive brands was Kyvan Foods. With a variety of products including jams, salsas, BBQ sauces, and seasonings, they are the perfect gift for the amateur chef in your life. My favorites are the Sweet Potato BBQ sauce and the Honey Apple Butter.

Watch my review of their bestselling products here

When I first met the owners of Partake Foods and reviewed their cookies, most people hadn't heard of them. Since then, they have exploded as a brand! Their cookies are top 14 allergen free and are also gluten free and vegan! They have tons of flavors that are all fantastic, so I recommend their variety pack so you can try the most flavors. While they don't yet have any holiday sales announced, you won't regret spending the money for these cookies!

Watch my review of them a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away here

For those who prefer non-food options:

Picture Credit: The Morgan Factory

Not everyone wants a food gift, especially if they have food allergies or dietary restrictions. That's why I also included The Morgan Factory in my guide. This wonderful brand focuses on SLOW fashion in a world where major companies pump out new styles every week. Morgan takes pre-loved and vintage clothes and turns them into adorable Boho creations that are all one of a kind. I promise, you will see her clothes and want everything. While she hasn't announced any holiday sales, she does do weekly Facebook Live sales where you can score some AMAZING deals on these unique pieces. Best of all, many of her items are free size, so you don't need to guess at anyone's clothing size to buy them a great gift!

So start shopping! Hope these suggestions help you find the perfect gift for that perfect someone! Need a more specific recommendation? Just reach out; I'm always happy to help!


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