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Check out our latest addition, retail items!

If you haven't had a chance, please head over to our new retail section of the website. We just launched some amazing products.

My favorite is definitely the embroidered "gluten free? swag" t-shirt that will make folks smile and is informative about your dietary restrictions! Talk about a win-win.

There will be new designs dropping soon! In the meantime, if you want an embroidered shirt with a different saying on it, we have also launched the option to submit a custom phrase to be embroidered.

Outside of clothing, we have some easy items to add to your routine. First off, the reusable straws are not only convenient thanks to the carrying case they come with, but they are more sustainable than one-time use straws, and they are safer than relying on "sustainable" straw options many restaurants and stores are now using which often contain wheat/gluten! Don't take a chance; buy these reusable straws.

Finally, we have some great allergy warning stickers. These stickers could be used for a variety of situations. I like to use them at potlucks to either identify what items are allergen-free OR to clearly mark items that have allergens. This could easily be used as a method if you share a kitchen at home with allergens too! I've also seen folks suggest online putting them on kid's shirts before you send them to camp or a friend's house to make sure they are not accidentally fed any allergens.

I hope you enjoy the latest selection of products. Take a look if you haven't, and get excited for even more items coming soon!

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