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Restaurant Review: RICE Manhattan Beach

Based on the popularity of my article reviewing top dedicated gluten free bakeries around the country, I am also going to start reviewing restaurants! For my first restaurant review, I am reviewing RICE Manhattan Beach, a dedicated gluten free Japanese restaurant located in Greater Los Angeles.

Dynamite Roll - Gluten free/Vegan

RICE Manhattan Beach

820 Manhattan Ave #105 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Rating: G+

RICE is a dedicated gluten free Japanese restaurant right off Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles. Not only is the entire restaurant gluten free, but they also use only organic ingredients. They are very vegan-friendly as they do not use any dairy or egg products and have many vegan options. I have eaten at RICE several times, and every time, I am amazed at how delicious everything is.

Note: I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone with fish/shellfish allergies that are sensitive to cross contamination because the majority of the menu contains fish/shellfish products.

Crunch Miso Ramen - Gluten Free/Vegan

Since the restaurant is next to the beach, it is busy even during weeknights, so reservations are recommended if you are going to dine in a large party. Additionally, it is a sit-down restaurant that isn't particularly cheap, so it is a perfect place to celebrate special occasions. If you don't want to drop too much money, visit during lunch. Their lunch specials are AMAZING ($25-30 prix fixe for 4-5 courses), and they also tend to be less busy during lunch for those last minute adventures!

Warning: If you get the prix fixe for lunch, be prepared for A LOT of food. You will likely not need dinner (and maybe not even breakfast the next morning). Pace yourself to avoid a stomachache.

Miso Soup and Orange Kale Salad - Gluten Free/Vegan

So what should you order? Most of the time that I have eaten there, I look to their top 10 items for the month. They are posted right by the kitchen, and every item I have ever eaten from that list is fantastic. To date I have tasted multiple types of their gluten free and vegan ramen, tempura, multiple specialty sushi rolls (I really enjoy the crunchy rice rolls), and the vegan ice cream. Additionally, I have eaten the lunch specials, and as mentioned above, they are delicious but extremely filling. It might not be the best lunch option if you are going clothes shopping later.

Crunchy Rice Spicy Tuna - Gluten Free

Overall, go crazy. It is not very often that you have can get things like ramen, tempura, or specialty sushi rolls that are gluten free and vegan-optional let alone a place where it all tastes good! Set a budget for yourself, wear some stretchy clothes, and enjoy!

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