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Restaurant Review: Sapiens Kitchen

Liver N' Onions

Sapiens Kitchen

10411 E McDowell Mt Ranch Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Rating: G+

Sapiens Kitchen is a paleo restaurant that specializes in French cuisine. Since it is paleo, it is automatically gluten free! Additionally, it is grain free and has very few items that contain dairy. On their website they also advertise that they can accommodate peanut-free, keto, soy-free, sugar-free, and corn-free diet and that their food is non-GMO! Located in the Greater Phoenix Area, this restaurant successfully creates a gourmet feel that is cozy and welcoming. However, since it is French gourmet, it is an expensive meal that should be reserved for special occasions.

The Paleo Dip

I do not live in Phoenix, I simply travel there for work during non-COVID times. Therefore, I ordered a LARGE meal and devoured it because it was so delicious and I knew this was not somewhere I could visit again anytime soon. I started with some tea for a drink, and they had a large selection to choose from. Then I had an appetizer called "The Paleo Dip" which was a mix of vegetables with and a beet based dip. It was a refreshing difference from typical hummus and veggies you usually have as an option.

For my main dish I had the Liver N' Onions (pictured above). It was insanely good. The potatoes on top of the dish were fantastic because they were soft but not soggy. The liver had an amazing flavor from the sherry and was extremely filling. The vegetables were also good and not flavorless or dry. I'll admit, I ate the whole thing (which shocked the waiter because it is so nutrient dense). I'd definitely recommend the dish IF you know you like liver. I don't know that I'd recommend trying it if you have never tried liver before.

If you want to eat at Sapiens but don't like liver, ask the waiter what they recommend. I didn't enter the restaurant intending to eat the liver, but the waiter recommended that or the fish heavily, and I'd eaten fish for lunch so I wanted to try something different. The waitstaff here was fantastic at recommending items, dealing with my allergies (gluten, dairy, and eggs), and making the meal a great experience. If you are looking for a special meal in the Phoenix area, enjoy at Sapiens Kitchen!

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