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Boost your immunity through the power of food

On top of the typical cold and flu season, there are the current concerns over Coronavirus or COVID-19. Many people are looking for ways to boost their immune system and prepare themselves if the virus hits their area. Of course, it is important to practice good hygiene by washing your hands often and avoiding touching your face with your hands, but you can also work on your immune system with food! The following foods can naturally fight cold symptoms or help your body fight off issues before they can settle in.



Turmeric is a great natural spice that can lower inflammation. This is helpful when trying to reduce sinus pressure or help with stomach pain! You can cook with turmeric or make a turmeric latte.



Combat sickness, anti-bacterial

Garlic is a natural warrior against bacteria. It can be used topically or ingested to help with symptoms. For optimal effect, roast the garlic in the oven with the oil of your choice and eat the cloves.


Coconut Water:

Replenish electrolytes

When you are sick, you often get dehydrated. It is important to not just hydrate by drinking water or broths, but to also replenish electrolytes. Coconut water naturally has electrolytes and can be easily purchased at the store. My favorite brand is Harmless Coconut Water! It is quite expensive to buy by the bottle, but Costco sells a 6-pack for a decent price!



Vitamin C

Most people know that it is important to up your Vitamin C intake when you are sick, but remember it doesn't just have to come from oranges! The citrus family is all a great source of Vitamin C. I personally love grapefruits and tangerines!



Nausea relief

If you're like me, you are quite familiar with the relief ginger can bring to nausea or stomach pain. The beauty of ginger is how versatile it is! You can make ginger tea, have some ginger ale (Don't drink the mainstream brands-they don't contain any real ginger. Instead try a brand like Reed's which contains real ginger pieces.), eat it in your food, or have ginger candies! I have found all of these to be effective, but some are more effective than others. For instance, ginger ale is carbonated which can also help with nausea, so it often is my most effective method of symptom relief.

Whether you are worried about the new virus or just looking to stay aware during cold and flu season, these foods can help you stay healthy or get back to normal quickly! If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments below!

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