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Eating Well with Rochelle: Your Guide to a Healthy Delicious Lifestyle

As we round out the beginning of January, how are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? If one of them was to eat healthier, Eating Well with Rochelle is here to help keep you on track. Eating Well with Rochelle is my social media channel which showcases different healthy lifestyle food options with particular focus on allergen free and vegan diets. Eating Well with Rochelle was dreamt up in a very happenstance manner. This past summer, I had the chance to attend the Fancy Food Show and try thousands of new foods from vendors all around the world. Like any good trade show, I came home with bags full of swag representing a cross section of the brands I had discovered. I realized that prior to attending the show, I had never heard of many of

these brands, yet they tasted better than the brands I was choosing to buy. Assuming that many others who choose alternative diets were in the same position as me and seemingly had no spokesperson, I decided to start making YouTube videos and discussing whether or not new brands of food tasted good. Now, as I have expanded over the past few months, I am now available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as the YouTube videos to fit the wide range of needs of my audience. I have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback I have received from my followers thus far. I have heard from many people that my channel has helped them expand their diet and try new brands and restaurants they were afraid to give a chance before. What I find extremely amazing is that my channel has helped the lives of those choosing alternative diets around the world. Since my channel does not just focus on the brands you are seeing in a local supermarket but instead helping you discover new and better options, my content is applicable to users worldwide. If getting healthy this year is one of your goals or if you follow an alternative diet, look to Eating Well with Rochelle for daily updates on great brands and restaurants to help you live an alternative lifestyle. Feel free to reach out with any suggestions for brands or restaurants for me to showcase on my channel at

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