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My Rating System!

Welcome to Eating Well with Rochelle! This quick article will help familiarize you with my rating system which I use in all of my articles and videos when rating brands!

To keep things simple, I use the acronym: GMO

Picture Credit: Non-GMO Project Website

G stands for "great"! These products taste delicious and have great consistency. If I were at the store, I would definitely buy the product if it were available. In fact, I may go out of my way to find this product just so I can buy it!

M stands for "meh". These products aren't bad, but they aren't great. If I were at the store and needed that type of product, I would buy it if that one was the only option, but I would not go out of my way to buy that product.

O stands for "Oh gosh this shouldn't exist". These products are luckily few and far between, but they are just terrible. Usually it is driven by a bad taste, but sometimes it is a terrible flavor option, gross consistency, or a combination of problems.

Now that you understand what my rating system means, enjoy watching one of my videos or reading an article!

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